DycorEquipmentTechnologyHeli-attack support for Wildfire Management

We get to design and manufacture some pretty cool projects at Dycor. We had one customer, Alberta Forestry, came to us with a problem.

They’re out building firebreaks and back burns for the forest fires, and they needed to know, first of all, what their effectiveness, and secondly, for litigation purposes, to be able to document what was happening out in the field. And so we designed this product for them using the data taker data logger. They will take this unit up into a helicopter, and they will take it out wherever they want to drop fireballs, or incendiary devices, they will push a button, and every time it drops, we log the data. This allows them to know exactly what has happened on that flight.

They are able to take that back to the planners, who can determine whether or not it was effective use of the fireballs, and secondly, they can also determine exactly where the drop was for litigation purposes. We have a data taker logger with some power switches, we’ve got an Ethernet connection. This was all designed here at Dycor. We wrote the program on the data taker, allowing all the information to be stored and taken off as required. We’ve got a GPS unit. This will be connected to the helicopter’s GPS. We have a GPS unit here. In the real world, this unit would be connected to the helicopter’s GPS to log the location of where the fireballs are dropped.

So we provided this to Alberta Forestry, but as we all know, there have been some pretty horrendous fires here in North America, down in California and British Columbia, and Ontario the last couple of years, and this is the kind of a device that would be useful in many of those locations.


Transcript from Video at: https://youtu.be/T64M3oyvXUo