The SmartVueTM‘s embedded application firmware can be updated when new releases become available that expand or improve functionality. Updates will be made available on the SmartVueTM website or can be e-mailed directly to the customer as needed. Some updates will be provided freely while others may require a license.

Updates are in the form of a SmartVueTM Application file ending with a .sva extension. Updating does not affect stored configuration settings.

To upload a new firmware version:

Step 1:

Press Menu > SmartVueTM > Upload Firmware. This will display the message shown in the figure below.

Step 2:

Copy the SmartVueTM application file to a USB flash drive and insert it into the USB port on the back of the unit, then press OK. (Pressing Cancel will return you to the SmartVueTM menu without updating the unit.) The SmartVueTM Application Loader will begin and display the following message:

Step 3:

The Application Loader will detect the .sva file and display a message similar to the one shown below.

Press OK to proceed. The following screen will be displayed to indicate the progress of the firmware programming stages. Pressing Cancel will reset the SmartVueTMwithout updating it.

Once updating is completed, the SmartVue will prompt you to touch the screen so it can initiate a reset. During the reset you may see the message, “Uploading DSP firmware” at which time the digital signal processor firmware will also be updated.

Step 4:

Remove the USB flash drive.

Updating When Powering On

If the unit is off you can press and hold on the touch screen while powering on the unit. If a USB flash drive is not detected the touch screen calibration feature will start followed by the brightness adjustment screen for the LCD, you’ll then be prompted to insert a USB flash drive containing a file for the new firmware if you wish to update the firmware to a new version. If the USB drive is already inserted the touch screen calibration and brightness adjustment steps will be skipped.

Save Time Upgrading Multiple Units

You can actually remove the USB flash drive after Stage 1 of 4 is completed. This will help you save time if you are upgrading multiple SmartVueTM‘s with a single flash drive.

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