Complete, Powered, Remote Monitoring Stations

From remote power, to data logging and control – Dycor’s remote stations solar power, data logging, edge computing and control capability, radio communications and more.

If you need an industrial control panel or complete data acquisition system, Dycor’s team of technical experts can design and manufacture an integrated solution to your specifications. We specialize in providing turn-key industrial systems that can be deployed in tough outdoor climates with limited infrastructure.

datataker custom panel

Custom Remote Logging and Control Panels

Our design team will work with you to determine your sensor, data logging, control, communications, and power requirements. Electrical drawings, outlining the system design, can be provided as part of the design phase, as well as required information for installation and sensor hook-up.

We can provide all components or utilize a specific component that you source – for example, if you have an explicit wireless radio that must be used, we will integrate that into the system. Our manufacturing team will build your system – we are able to accommodate low and high volume quantities with short turn-around times.

Software development and configuration is handled by our software team, and we have expertise in a variety of software programming languages, many of which are geared to data acquisition. We conduct a full set of integration tests, and ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, including Class I Division 2 (C1D2) hazardous location approvals when applicable.

The full turn-key data acquisition system or industrial control panel is sent to you – ready for installation. We continue to provide technical support during and after installation…we’re not done our job until you’re satisfied!

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