Integrated Solutions Using dataTaker® Data Loggers

Turn-Key Systems Designed For Your Application

dataTaker® data loggers can be combined with communications and power components into full turn-key ruggedized, industrial systems for deployment in limited infrastructure, harsh climate environments.

Dycor builds custom monitoring/control panel systems for a variety of applications including:

  • SAGD observation wells
  • N2 purge panels
  • RICE NESHAP monitoring
  • Wellsite pressure measurement
  • Rig maintenance monitoring
  • Drill pipe manufacturing automation
  • Screw piling control and logging
  • Flowmeter power and communications support
  • Building monitoring (HVAC, power, water)
  • Weather monitoring
  • Forestry services control burn system

Dycor’s Sales and Engineering staff work with you to determine your sensor, communications and power requirements. Each system is then designed and manufactured to optimally match your requirements. All safety approvals are also obtained, including Class 1 Division 2 hazardous location approvals.

For typical data logging applications in the oil and gas field, dataTaker® loggers, CEM expansion modules, wireless cell modem or frequency hopping spread spectrum radio (such as the Freewave FGR2-C-U) are assembled into metal or fiberglass enclosures. When required, batteries and a charge controller together with solar panels are added.  Dycor can also provide an antenna mast and stand to mount the data acquisition/battery panels for a completely self-contained system.

Electrical Drawing for Custom Data Acquisition Panels

Electrical drawings can be provided with each system, allowing for ease of installation and hook-up of sensors.

Lastly, Dycor provides dataTaker® programming and configuration services, ensuring that your system is 100% operational when it leaves our plant. Below is a depiction of a typical SAGD observation well application panel system. The configurations are endless…let us help you design and build the system that meets your needs perfectly!

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