So in April 2019 FreeWave released the FGR-three Serial Radio. Many years ago FreeWave originally started with the DGR radios. And they moved to the FGR, FGR-two and now they’re at the FGR-three series.

The FGR-three series radio is 900 megahertz frequency helping radio, that is good up to about 100 kilometers, if you’ve got clear line of sight. It uses extremely low power. Significantly lower than it’s competition. And it works very well for industrial applications where extreme temperatures are the norm. It will work down to minus 40 and up to plus 70 degrees.

If you are an existing FreeWave customer, you maybe concerned about the compatibility. Well you don’t have to worry, FreeWave has made the FGR-three 100% backward compatible with the FGR-two. And previous FGR and DGR radios. The FGR-three radios are serial only radios. They are replacing the FGR-two serial radios.

At this moment FreeWave is continuing with the FGR-two ethernet radios. So the only ones that are obsolete are the serial. The reason FreeWave released the FGR-three series is due to component obsolescence on some of the components on the FGR-two radios. But from a performance perspective nothing has changed.

Transcript from video at: https://youtu.be/T4qaqrmZx4k