Bubble Tube Downhole Pressure Monitoring System

Downhole pressure monitoring using Dycor’s Bubble Tube System is accurate, simple, and cost effective. Utilizing any source of compressed gas, Dycor’s Bubble Tube system provides continuous, automated measurement of downhole pressure. Surface panels are designed and manufactured to meet every customer’s unique requirements. Dycor’s Bubble Tube System includes two surface panels – the remote panel which can be installed in a Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) hazardous location, and the master panel with data logger, that is approved for Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) placement.

Features of the Bubble Tube System include:

  • Ability to monitor temperature and pressure, when installed with a thermocouple string
  • Capable of using any compressed gas that is available on-site
  • Optimized control of incoming gas pressure, ensuring sufficient pressure for bubble tube downhole pressurement measurement
  • Downhole pressure measurement in extreme temperature environments, including firefloods (maximum temperature is dependent on the melting point of the capillary tubing)
  • Fully automated monitoring and data logging
  • Transmission of data to DCS (data collection system) via wireless communications – cell modem, satellite, or other wireless radio
  • Single or double output for heel/toe pressure monitoring
  • Approved for Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) hazardous location installations.
Bubble Tube Downhole Pressure Monitoring

Key Benefits of a Dycor Bubble Tube System in a SAGD Production Environment

Monitoring downhole pressure using the bubble tube system provides several benefits in any SAGD production environment:

  • Optimizes steam production for maximum oil production
  • Optimizes pump control corresponding to changes in downhole pressures
  • Provides verification of adherence to environmental regulations
  • Maintains reservoir stability, preventing fractures.

Dycor’s Bubble Tube System also provides several advantages over other pressure monitoring technologies:

  • Effective pressure measurement in corrosive, downhole environments
  • Unaffected by electromagnetic interference from VFD’s and other ground loop issues
  • Immune to changes in viscosity or solids content that can cause plugging in piezometers
  • Simple mechanical system – no downhole maintenance required.
Bubble Tube Downhole Pressure Monitoring

Our technical staff are available to assist in the design of a bubble tube pressure monitoring system that is customized for your production environment. Give us a call to discuss your pressure measurement requirements.