Accessories for dataTaker® Data Loggers

Dycor Technologies offers an array of Add-On and Accessory products for the dataTaker® Data Acquisition and Logging units, creating a complete datalogging solution for users. As Dycor is the exclusive Canadian supplier of dataTaker®, this store only provides online sales of Canadian dataTaker systems.

Add-on and Accessory products may be applicable to other data acquisition solutions, or outside Canada.

For more information, availability, or pricing on these products, please contact Dycor Technologies.

CANgate Gateway: Capture CAN and GPS Data with dataTaker® Data Loggers

CANgate Gateway

The dataTaker® CANGate CAN to ASCII gateway filters and converts CAN (Controller Area Network) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data to serial ASCII data. It has been designed to capture the real-time data available on CAN and GPS networks and pass that information on to a dataTaker® datalogger.

CANgate Gateway Dual CAN Inputs

Two CAN interface ports are included which allow connection of two independent CAN networks. CAN’s versatile configuration options allow you to select the parameters of interest, apply statistical functions (average, minimum, maximum) and control the format in which data is returned.

CANgate Gateway GPS Interface

Many CAN networks are used in vehicle, transport and marine applications where positional information can be an important part of the data collected. CANGate includes a GPS interface to allow integration of the positional, speed and other information available on GPS systems.

CANgate Gateway GPS Interface

Interfaced to a host computer system directly, CANGate is configured in simple ASCII commands. This allows a terminal software application such as HyperTerminal or dataTaker®‘s DeTransfer to be used to configure and collect data from CANGate.



  • 2 high speed CAN bus ports
  • Serial port for GPS
  • Serial port for datalogger or PC
  • Supports J1939, ODB, ISO and raw CAN

dEX Web Software: Intuitive Graphical User Interface for Programming dataTaker® Data Loggers

dEX Web Software


  • Built-in software, no application to install
  • Runs directly from your web browser
  • Accessible by Ethernet, USB connection or integrated modem
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Easy-to-use configuration editor
  • Access live and historical data
  • View data as charts, mimics and tables

dEX datalogger software is an intuitive graphical interface that allows you to configure your data logger, view real-time data in mimics, trend charts or tables and retrieve your historical data for analysis.

dEX Web Software Browser-based Solution

dEX comes pre-installed on every logger in the DT80 range. The software loads in your web browser so there is no need to install cumbersome applications on your computer. Being browser-based, dEX will work on all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

dEX Web Software Configuration Editor

The configuration editor allows you to view, edit and save logger configurations in an easy-to-use Windows Explorer style user interface. The configuration tree view allows definition of measurement schedules and measurements.

Wiring diagrams show available wiring configurations for each sensor type. Configuration can be stored and retrieved on either the logger or a local computer.

dEX Web Software Mimics and Charts

Mimics are organized into panels which can be modified to highlight custom alarm conditions.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Web Browser – Internet Explorer (IE7 or later), Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Adobe Flash Player (10 or higher)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768

LabVIEW Driver: Interface to LabVIEW with dataTaker® Data Loggers

LabVIEW Driver


  • Interface to the LabVIEW graphical programming environment.
  • Follows standard LabVIEW conventions
  • Customizable code within the driver
  • Extensive examples
  • Integrated documentation
  • Configure and/or acquire data via serial or Ethernet
  • Allows flexible solutions to be developed

The dataTaker LabVIEW Driver is a comprehensive library of VIs that allows dataTaker® range of data loggers to be configured and queried from LabVIEW.

Use the driver VIs to take care of all the communications and data formatting of the dataTaker® data loggers. This allows you to concentrate on your application rather than on how to interface to the data logger.

With flexible universal analog, digital and serial inputs, dataTaker® hardware can be used for real-time data acquisition.  It is perfect for applications requiring stand-alone operation in remote or distributed locations with limited power supply.

LabVIEW Driver Documentation

A comprehensive help file is available with chapters on getting started, dataTaker® concepts, and documentation on each of the VIs, linked to each LabVIEW VI used.

LabVIEW Driver LabVIEW Environment

The dataTaker® LabVIEW driver follows standard LabVIEW conventions so users familiar with the LabVIEW programming environment can focus on using the dataTaker® hardware.

LabVIEW Driver Examples

There are a number of examples throughout the driver demonstrating different ways to use the dataTaker® data loggers.