Power and Accessories for Data Acquisition Systems

Keeping your data acquisition system up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is critical to maintaining the integrity of the data collected. If your application is in a remote location, or if you don’t have easy access to shore power, Dycor can provide a variety of power sources that will keep your DAQ system running. We specialize in providing components that meet C1D2 certification and can hold up to extreme cold temperatures.


Most of our applications utilize AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries, ranging up to 121 Ahr capacity. Unlike sealed gel batteries, AGM batteries do not have issues with the electrolyte separating from the plates, and they also will not leak when broken. AGM batteries also stand up very well to extremely cold temperatures. We can also provide the batteries inside insulated battery boxes for added protection against the cold, and can provide turn-key battery systems with multiple batteries to service many remote applications.

absorbed glass mat battery

Solar Panels

Industrial solar panels, when coupled with AGM batteries, provide a robust solution to address the power requirements of remote data acquisition systems. Solar panels up to 130W can be bundled together to charge batteries, even in low-sunlight regions of Canada’s north during the winter season. In addition to the solar panel, we can provide a stable mast and all required hardware and cables for a complete remote power solution.

solar panel

Wind Generators

When sunlight is limited, wind generators may provide the charging capacity needed for your remote powered data acquisition system. We offer the Forgen Vertical Axis Wind Turbines at various capacities, with the ability to charge multiple battery bank installations up to 450Ahr. The Forgen Wind Turbines are designed for cold weather operation, down to -50°C. With several mounting options available, these wind turbines are robust, delivering output in 100mph winds, this being a significant advantage over many horizontal axis turbines.

forgen ventus 30 wind generator

Other Power Accessories

In order to provide a complete turn-key data acquisition system, Dycor also sources appropriate power supplies, DC-DC converters, charge controllers, and cable/wire based on your specific project requirements. We source appropriate 12 or 24V power supplies, converters, and charge controllers, and then design a complete power system that is fully C1D2 certified when your project requires those approvals. We have some unique cable options as well, including steel braided cable for quality installations, ensuring that birds and other animals are not able to cause disruption to the power system.

Give us a call to discuss a turn-key power system, or to purchase spare parts for your existing system. Our technical staff will find the right solution for you.

sunsaver charge controller