Industrial Data Acquisition Modules For Any Application

Dycor is pleased to provide high quality data acquisition modules from a number of manufacturers. We carry DAQ input/output modules for all of your data acquisition and process monitoring & control applications including modules for analog or digital I/O, modbus protocol, serial, ethernet or USB interface, DIN rail mount, stand-alone or computer based DAQ cards, and many more.

Sensor outputs can include voltage, thermocouple, thermistor, RTD, load cell, strain gauge, potentiometer, current, or resistance – no matter what your sensor is, we will connect the sensor output to the right data acquisition module, ensuring that you have the data you need, when you need it.

Accurate Measurement – Nothing Else Will Do!

High accuracy for low level measurements is key in many industrial applications, particularly for thermocouple, strain gage, or load cell measurements. Isolating the signal from the noise in the environment is paramount to proper sensor measurement. When you talk with one of Dycor’s data acquisition experts, they will work with you to ensure that the best data acquisition modules are matched with each sensor, including appropriate filters, system design and layout, optimum cable length, and any other components required to ensure accurate sensor measurement.

We’re here to help you – we can provide the components you require so that you can build your own system, or alternatively, we will work with you at defining the requirements and provide a complete turn-key data acquisition system that is designed specifically to address your application.

Dycor's Input/Output Modules

DGH Modules

DGH manufactures a variety of data acquisition modules for industrial applications. They have many analog and digital I/O devices as well as a large array of accessories.

DGH D8000 USB Modbus Module

instruNet Data Acquisition System

GW Instruments has developed a low cost card cage data acquisition system, with many swappable components to tailor the system to your requirements.

instrunet i4xx cardcage

Freewave I/O Modules

Freewave is known for their high quality radios, but they also have some I/O modules that can be stacked together (up to 15 modules) for an existing Modbus IO network. These modules are a natural add-on as part of an existing Freewave communications network, but they can also be used stand-alone, without a radio.

Freewave IO Expansion Module


This instrument includes a number of analog and digital I/O built-in, while also serving as a process controller and datalogger with a graphical display. It is manufactured by Dycor for applications that require a premium set of features in a small, rugged platform.

SmartVue Controller

Additional Products

We also carry the Baudmaster serial converters from Dutec.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements for any of these I/O modules.

dutec baudmaster module