Data Acquisition Systems for Tough Environments

Acquiring the information you need in order to track and optimize your operations – especially in tough and hazardous environments, is an absolute must in today’s world of industrial applications.

Data Acquisition systems need to be rugged, dependable, and flexible – with hardware that can take the stress of the most hostile environments, and software that can handle the tasks today and be readily upgraded with the latest advancements tomorrow.

Whether you are looking for supervisory control, wireless capability, digital or analog inputs and outputs, C1D2 hazardous location certification, or compatibility with Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232, you need a Data Acquisition package that has been designed to meet your unique application.

Dycor’s three decades of experience has exposed us to just about everything available in today’s Data Acquisition market.  We know quality when we see it, and we integrate that quality into our data acquisition solutions.  From pressure to thermocouple temperature to strain gauge data, signal conditioning, mag pickup and noise suppression, to designing integrated systems and meeting the most stringent of oilpatch and environmental requirements, Dycor knows Data Acquisition.  We carry the best, from dataTaker, GraphTec, National Instruments, SmartVue and SmartFilter – and build the rest, to meet your needs.

What Can We Do For You?

Explore our site to see what we offer, from the world’s best in Data Acquisition – including systems, software and instrumentation. Then give our Technical Sales team a call to discuss your requirements.  We will be pleased to provide you with a proposal for the best equipment for your application and at a price to match your budget.

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