Dycor’s History of Success

Being in business for over 30 years really means that you have to evolve more than a couple of times to stay competitive.  At the same time we are driven not to change the fundamental issue of retaining a reputation as being a reliable trusted agent – which is paramount to our continued existence.  Fortunately, through hard work and performance Dycor has been able to retain its reputation and trusted agent status throughout the years.  A few recent highlights of our custom integration and subject matter expertise illustrates that we have a significant global footprint within these areas of expertise.

Custom Integration

  • Specialized Oil and Gas Rig Floor Displays
  • Oil Well Data Acquisition and Displays

Subject Matter Expertise:

  • Electro-Mechanical-Software design
  • Product testing and certification for harsh environments

We pride ourselves in providing cost effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our engineering, software, and testing expertise hasn’t walked in the door – it was earned.