Custom and Off-The-Shelf

Dycor has been providing process control solutions since 1981, through the development of custom, turn-key, automation and control systems as well as providing off-the shelf components for many different industrial process control applications.

Dycor’s team of Hardware Engineers and Software Developers can design a complete process control system to your specifications. Some recent examples of projects that we designed and built for our customers include:

Drill Pipe Industrial Automation
  • Automation of a complete heat treating line for a drill pipe manufacturing facility. This involved the use of a number of programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), connected back to a National Instruments CompactRIO system. Dycor sourced the hardware components, programmed the PLC’s, and wrote the user interface software in LabVIEW, to optimize the speed of the heat treating line and maintain high quality of the produced drill pipe.
  • Automation of a multi-step sequence for a bucking unit in a high volume production plant. Using Allan Bradley PLC’s and HMI’s, Dycor staff integrated the hardware system, and completed the configuraiton and programming of the HMI screens and PLC ladder logic. The system included monitoring and alarms to ensure high quality control, and integration with a torque/turn monitoring system.
  • Development of a multistage process to purify and concentrate a food extract. The control system included pump automation, sensor monitoring, data logging, and operator alerts for 24/7 operation. Dycor built the integrated hardware and completed all design and programming of HMI screens and PLC ladder logic.
  • Automation of a new SAGD process (research project). In cooperation with our client, Dycor completed the design and programming of a Compact RIO application that included several PID control loops. We also completed the programming of the HMI using NI LabVIEW.


Dycor developed the SmartVue™ as an all-in-one instrument for PID process control, data logging, I/O device, and graphical display, in a small, easy to use package. It is an industrial controller that is certified for C1D2 hazardous location environments, and was designed to withstand extreme temperatures and tough user environments.

Some of the key process control features include:

  • Two independent PID control processes for closed-loop control
  • Manage processes for total/rate (counters), current loop input (4-20mA), temperature (RTD), multipurpose I/O (digital and analog), and J1939 SPN
  • Manage PID setpoints manually or through external signals from one of the inputs
  • Display and modify parameters on the sunlight-readable touchscreen meter
  • The block diagram below provides an overview of the PID control process using the SmartVue™.
SmartVue Process Controller
SmartVue Controller

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