SmartVueTM is a complete monitoring and control solution for RICE NESHAP compliance monitoring with the following features:

  • Monitors the catalyst inlet temperature of the diesel engine
  • Monitors the catalyst pressure drop (continuous parametric monitoring system – cpms)
  • Operates the exhaust control valve of the catalyst to regulate exhaust pressure
  • Sends out alarms when temperature thresholds are exceeded
  • Logs all data internally, with date and time stamps for proof of compliance
  • Displays trending data on local, sunlight readable LCD display
  • User configurable through armored glass touchscreen
  • Physically located with the engine in any climate – NEMA4 housing, -40°C (-40°F) to 70°C (158°F) operational temperature
  • Sends data to a web server or laptop via Ethernet (RJ-45) connection, either wired or wirelessly for trending and long term data retention

RICE NESHAP Monitoring Application Diagram

Dycor can provide the SmartVueTM as a stand-alone instrument, or with the various sensors required for monitoring of the engine and catalyst, providing a complete end-to-end monitoring and control solution. Dycor can also provide a custom enclosure for the SmartVueTM, with various mounting options to suit your physical constraints. We recognize that each system will be configured uniquely, and our technical sales staff are available to answer your questions and recommend appropriate sensors, ensuring that you maintain compliance with all of the RICE NESHAP requirements.

Contact us today for more technical information about using the SmartVueTM for RICE NESHAP monitoring, or to arrange for a SmartVueTM evaluation.

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