DycorEquipmentSmartVueSmartVue Testing

Once a SmartVue’s ready to be tested, we bring it over to our custom test jig. This device was designed in-house, and it’s capable of testing over 300 points, so all of the IO, the SmartVue have. Once a SmartVue is scanned, a record in the database is created, and all of the results of the test are written to that database and we can see whether or not there are any problems with it, whether or not it’s passed or failed any of its tests. If it’s failed them, we take it back, and we rectify the problem and retest it. Any units that come back to us, we retest, and all the units are tested before they go out.

Transcript from Video at: https://youtu.be/d7_kYJh6_tA