Hi, I’m Sean. I’m with Dycor Technologies. So, this is a magnetic pickup out of a turbine meter. This is a turbine meter. This has a wheel inside that spins with flow. The whole body construction is stainless steel, non-ferrous so the only thing that the magnet sees is the Ferris wheel that spins, picks up that magnetic interruption of the field, pulses it out through the leads in the top here. Those leads will go into our signal conditioner. And it will amplify that signal that is a readable to a PLC or to a large controller. So in the industry these will be sitting in a industrial application where they’re be lots of electronics, electrical noise, there’ll be VFDs, so that will induce eclectic noise on to the signal wires which this will actually eliminate. When you need this signal conditioner is when you have multiple inputs coming from turbine meters that generate a voltage pulse created from a magnetic field. And what it does is it takes that very weak voltage, a millivolt, and will take it in and it will amplify it through output here. And it will make it more readable for PLCs or RTUs.

This article is a transcript from The Dycor Magnetic Pickup Signal Conditioner https://youtu.be/vgn54ISEJ04