Hi my is Masem Saleh –  I’m with Dycor Technologies and I’m a technical sales and support specialist.

There are two different types of data radios, a licensed radio and an unlicensed radio. We’ve seen a shift towards unlicensed radios in the industry mainly due to the cost associated with licensed radios and having to pay for the license every year.  For higher bandwidth applications a licensed or an unlicensed radio would be a better solution than a cellular modem to keep the data costs down.

Unlicensed radios using Frequency-Hopping Spread-Spectrum technology such as the FreeWave radio provide excellent security and reliability. The other radio that we use for transmitting data is a cellular modem, and it is an ideal radio for IIOT applications, and applications where it would cost too much to put up infrastructure for a licensed or an unlicensed radio. In situations where a licensed or an unlicensed radio would require a lot of infrastructure costs, a cell modem is a good option, where we’re able to send data straight to the Cloud.


This video is transcribed from Licenced Radio Vs Unlicensed Radio https://youtu.be/-H5VRu8ZZJk