900MHz Serial Waterproof Radio

902-928 MHz, 115K Air Data Rate, Waterproof Enclosure, 6-30VDC, RS232 / RS485 Switchable Interface, N-Type Connector, C1D2


Category: SKU: FGR2-WC


The Freewave FGR2-WC is a waterproof radio designed for base stations.

– Input-Only Channels: 2, Analog input: 2, Analog output: 2, Discrete output: 2.
– Operating Frequency: 902 to 928MHz.
– Output Power: Up to 1W.
– Range: 97km (60 miles) with clear line of site.
– Data rate: 115.2kbps standard, 153.6kbps high. User selectable.
– Protocol: RS232/422/485.
– Modulation: 2 level GFSK.