CEM20, Series 2, C1D2

Expansion Module, 20-60 Analog Channels, C1D2


Category: SKU: DT4CEM20-HL


Contains Hazardous Location certification for C1D2 environments.

The Channel Expansion Module (CEM20) allows for the increasing of channel capacity for the DataTaker DT8X products. With over 20 universal data logging channels, the CEM20 provides the user with far greater data logging potential. For example, with a single CEM20, the DT80 can be expanded to 320 analog inputs, and the DT85 can be pushed all the way to 960 analog inputs.

To wire a CEM20, simply connect the device to one analog channel of your DT8X data logger. With the use dual isolation technology found in the DT8x data loggers, each channel for the CEM20 can be wired for two isolated inputs, or three common reference inputs. Using the latter method will allow for even more inputs than the examples above!