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Our most popular products are now only a few clicks away

In a bid to make things easier for our customers and get them the products they need even quicker, Dycor is pleased to announce today that our e-commerce platform is now available.

With just a few clicks, customers can browse through the initial 58 products listed within our online shop and place their order.

Available products include the Dycor designed SmartVue™ as well as our distribution products such as various dataTakers® and FreeWave® radios.

More, however, are on their way.

“Over time the number of products will continuously grow,” explains Dycor General Manager Gilberto Garcia. “In the near future we are planning on adding our integrated panels, and then later our custom integrated panels, where basically a customer can build and order their panel entirely online.”

Something our Dycor e-commerce platform will be doing differently from most online shops you might encounter is offering credit, though traditional credit card transactions are accepted over the phone.

That means anyone who is already set up in our accounting system can send us a request through the platform and their order will be charged to their account and invoiced accordingly.

“One of the advantages of that is it is going to reduce our response time,” points out Garcia. “Normally it’s about a two-day response time on any quotes we provide, now our customers will be able to see quickly whether we have the product in stock and get a quote right away.”

In order to access the store, users will first need to register an account. Once the account has been verified by a Dycor staff member, access will be granted and the account holder will be notified via email.

To register for an account, click the button below.