At Dycor, we design a number of data acquisition and Telemetry Solutions that are used off-grid. Where there’s no power and so we need to utilize batteries and solar panels. In order to determine a solar power budget for that there are a number of factor we look at.

First of all we’ll look at the consumption of the devices, so we’ll look at the voltage and the current that are used for each single component. We’ll add that all up and determine what our complete power consumption is. And we need to look at the batteries. In order to determine that, we’re very concerned about the temperature that these are going to be used in. And we also need to determine how long of a period of time do you need to go without sunlight. That gives us, the total capacity requirements of the battery.

With respect to the solar panels, we also need to look at temperature, we need to look at the geographic location. It’s important to know how much sunlight will be present over the corse of say, a four week period. And we also need to look at different installation mechanisms so the angle of the sun we need to know, you know if we need to be vertical or horizontal.

We’ll take all of that information, pull it together to give you the correct batteries and the solar panels, we’ll package that into a system together with charge controllers and other components that are required to give you full power system without having any short power available.

Transcript from video at: https://youtu.be/0CateGIHxaA