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Hello, it’s Sean here, at Dycor Technologies, today. We’re here to talk about our data acquisition panel, custom made panels for a class one, div two area. That is a unit that is rated for minus 40 to plus 70 degrees C. And, we’re gonna talk about a few components of, it’s a basic panel. So, what we have in here is a data taker, it’s a DT80G. And, what this will do is take in multiple sensors for temperature, and multiple sensors for pressure. So, we also have a CEM20, which is an expansion module for the DT80G. And what this will do is, expand the thermocouple capability, or RTD capability for temperature monitoring.

The CEM20 will expand the DT80G’s capability of thermocouple inputs to over 70. The DT80G will take in five inputs for a vibrating wire geophone technology. So, this is for monitoring pressure. It’s very robust, and it can go long distances so, it’s widely used in the observation wells, and production wells on SEGD products. We also have, a board level radio. So, it’s a 900 megahertz free wave radio. And, this is mounted in the cabinet here, wired up with a antenna power source. And so, it becomes part of a network.

Also, part of the panel, is a aluminum mast, which can go up to 35 feet. You mount a Yagi antenna on there, with your solar panels a little bit lower down, and you have 35 feet of clearance from the ground to have your connectivity of your network. Okay, so, on the backside of this stand, is our solar package. So, you’ll have your solar panel mounted on your aluminum mast powering up a solar charger here. Which regulates battery voltage, when the battery depletes. The sun saver kicks in, charges the battery. You have a portable storage of energy on your site. The batteries, are stored in a insulated box, for the Alberta climate. It is a inch and a half insulated box. It’s class one, div two rated. It’s got all the approvals on it. It’s got tech cable glands, to bring your power in. Tech cable glands to power up the devices inside the cabinet. It all comes on a welded aluminum stand. It is very well built. It has all the components you need to bring off a truck, set up, two, three hours set up time and you’re, you’re up and running.

So, Dycor Technologies has put this stand and portable power system together for data acquisition, for oil and gas industry, environmental, and any other industry that you require data acquisition for.


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